Geoff Wilson - London Photographer

I'm an experienced and creative photographer who has been in business for twenty years. I specialise in people and portraits for the design, advertising and editorial markets. During this time in the business, I've also acquired extensive still-life, reportage and architectural experience.

I deal with each project in a flexible and responsive way, working with my clients and sitters to get the best out of every shot. My skill is to make people feel at ease; I deal with everyone on open and equal terms, injecting a sense of humour even in the most demanding situations.

Over the years, I've built up an extensive list of corporate, public sector and charitable clients. Although much of my work is UK based, mainly in and around London and South East England, I've also been involved in a number of overseas projects with international clients.

I now shoot high end digital which often involves complex image manipulation. I am, however, also skilled in traditional photographic methods, especially black and white printing and toning. I'm committed to innovation, bringing together the best of new and established techniques.

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