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British Manufacturing and staying in the EU

There is a sustained argument within the leave campaign that, as we are the 5th largest economy, we can stand alone.

This could well be the case, but as Germany is the 4th and France the 6th, there is a greater argument that we are stronger in the EU.

And with regard to manufacturing output, the UK is 11th, behind Germany, Italy and France, but as a combined group the EU is on parity with China at the top, above The US.

Again a stance for remaining in the EU.

I produced a book relating to British manufacturing a couple of years ago and it was very revealing to discover how broad, innovative, large and connected the manufacturing sector is in the UK.

Below are a selection of the images from the book, and a few more here

Philip Hawkes, Moulde  r,   FSE Foundry

Philip Hawkes, Moulder, FSE Foundry

Jon King, Mouldshop Manager,   Essex Injection Mouldings

Jon King, Mouldshop Manager, Essex Injection Mouldings

Frank Broadhurst, Welder/Brazer ,  Pashley Cycles

Frank Broadhurst, Welder/BrazerPashley Cycles

Chris Johnson, Dairy Farmer,   Johnson's Farm, Ossington, Nottinghamshire.

Chris Johnson, Dairy Farmer, Johnson's Farm, Ossington, Nottinghamshire.

Sarah Tyler, Quality Assurance Manager,   Colston Bassett Dairy Ltd (Stilton Cheese)

Sarah Tyler, Quality Assurance Manager, Colston Bassett Dairy Ltd (Stilton Cheese)

Trevor McDanielson and Michael Sanders, Paint Shop Operators,   EBac

Trevor McDanielson and Michael Sanders, Paint Shop Operators, EBac

Jonathan Miller, Brewery Hand,   Harvey & Sons Ltd

Jonathan Miller, Brewery Hand, Harvey & Sons Ltd